Sunday, November 02, 2008

It was dirty and wet.. we ran wild !

Genting TrailBlazer was awesome !! At the end of it , we were filth dirty but it was worth it !
We started the Sunday @nd November 2008 really early. I had to miss the Spurs Liverpool game because I wanted enough sleep before engaging on a physically challenging activity in the Morning. ( luckily i missed... huh.. ) By 5 am I was up and drove to my mum's place in TTDI. Edrin and Mafiz then picked me up at about 530am and we were off to Genting Highlands. It drizzled as we were driving up and that was an indication how the race would develop into ! We had to cross really thick fog and at times we were not able to visualize anything 5m in front of us !! Hahaha.. Belum apa apa dah adventure..

We registered ourselves to receive our numbers. I was very unhappy with the staff which handled our registration. SHe was REALLY RUDE !!( wearing green coloured sleeveless ) PAgi-pagi dah buat SPOIL ! SHe shouted at us when I asked for XL T-shirt ( which we confirmed our registration SINCE AUGUST??.. Organizer take note ) . SHe mumbled at us with a bitchy face saying they ran out of stock and can only give us M. WTF ??????? I could have appreciated if she'd say it nicely to us WITHOUT SHOUTING for NO REASON ?? Memang BAPAK tak pernah ajar MANNERS kot ?? Hahaahahaha..
The race for our category started at 840am ; abit late for any usual run! However , we were in higher ground so it was still cool and windy. I must say , the weather was perfect for our race. The fact that it rained the day before , after a week of rain exodus certainly made the track something to remember. The race required us to run in pairs ; which i support fully as this was a trail run. Mafiz was my partner , Azad partnered with Edrin , Ruslan was with Halim and Shahrul was with Lim.

We ran down along the Awana golf course. It was on a normal tarmac road so it was not that bad. However , there were few hills which challenged our fitness and I guess the Kiara Hill training was worth it ! Itupun still pancit !! Then we moved into the jungle trek. Weehhh... it was very slippery !! My shoes had enough grip but my concern was safety first ! There was no way for me to win the race , so i better not make myself injured. The jungle trail had lots of ups and downs. It was more tricky because hundreds of us were running at the same time. Of course the soil consistency becomes slippery and more slippery ! I felt at a few points but it was part of the fun ! I wanted to take more pics inside the jungle but i decided to wrap my handphone because of my past trauma !
My thighs were cramping and i was walking after we ended the jungle trek. Mafiz and I did not bring any supplementary food for energy booster consumption.( which we later found out the Power Gel was in Mafiz's water bladder all the time !! Hahahaha ) I was trying hard to heal myself because I didn't want the cramp to spoil my race !
Towards the end , there it was .. the famous Genting trailblazer obstacle course ! It was designed to make all the participants REALLY REALLY DIRTY ! We were to jump into 5 POOLS of mud ! We were required to put our whole body into the mud which was umbilicus high !! During this time my cramp suddenly dissapeared and I felt my energy boosted !! hahahahahaha IT was so dirty but it made the day !! Kah kah

We were placed 58 out of 139 pairs in the Adventure group. Weeh..ok lah tu !!! Time , roughly 2 hours and 40 minutes. And after crossed the finishing line , we went to the MILO stall right away !!! MAfiz was so hungry that he ate before taking his shower !! hahahaha Azad and Edrin arrived later but till the time we had to go , Ruslan and Halim was still nowhere to be seen. ( Need to see their blog later ahh.. )

Thank you guys !!! We shall do it again next year !! Hahahaha... STAMINAX POWER !!


mafiz said...

You were right, until now, i still couldn't shut my eyes to sleep!

In the evening I went for a reflexology to ease my tired legs!

Next year jgn lupa bawak choc bar!

Dr.M said...

hypercatabolic state tuu.. hehehe Janji puas hati bro ! Thanx and it was fun !

Dancing Ciken said...

janji habis, well done!

Azad said...

WOOHOOO! Tapi hari ni peha sakit.