Monday, December 01, 2008

Playing tok mudim !

I've always been interested to be a part of the charity mass circumcision event. However , Ive always been busy , oncall etc to be free to join them. However this year , an old colleague of mine from Manchester days ( he was my Nakib.. hehe ) got in touch and asked for my help ! He is a part of an NGO called Ikatan Muslimin |Malaysia ; ISMA who loves doing charity work such as this. Of course , how could i refuse ??!!! Thank you for facebook !!I joined them in Taman Medan last week ; and it sort of became my learning curve.

I did learn how to do it from my locum boss in Sentul but never had the opportunity to perform it. Nowadays , we have modern easy to use device ; and smartclamp was the choice of the group. I was a bit worried after reading the news this week regarding a small boy who had complications from a certain device ! However it was not this product but from Sunatron.( tak boleh cerita banyak2.. nanti tokey dia marah !! Yahudi.. hahahaha )

Last Sunday , I was invited again to join them for a JAWI organized mass circumcision in Manjalara. It was held in Manjalara main mosque with the participation of more than 130 kids from around Segambut area. The children targeted were the ones under urban poverty status ; with about 20 kids from a nearby orphanage. This was my first time being involved and I must say I am impressed with the organizers ! I truly liked the BOMBA's splash for the kids before the "main " event !!

After a short briefing by our team leader , Dr Mat Salleh ( surgeon from Ampang Hosp) we proceeded to our cubicles. There were 12 cubicles with 60% dominated by the Sunatron team and 5 by ours. Each table had 12 kids to handle and my oh my.. it was not easy all the way ! We had to handle lots of emotional expressions. One kid tried to run away but chased after his dad ! I'm glad my local anaesthetic technique did not fail me as all my children were comfortable. I had to tell the children on my table that my place is the only place where the children will not feel anything after the injection to avoid them screaming and moving !! did not help when the cubicles around us had children screaming and a mass hysteria was created ! I brought Kamal with me and we had a blast ! It was new knowledge gained at the same time doing your bit for the under priviliged.


I must say , being circumcised is the most traumatic experience any malay-muslim child will have to face. Some parents tend to do it for their child early so that they do not have any recollection of the event. Some would prefer to have their children in their primary school age so that they are more "mature" to go through this process. I had mine.. mmm... 2 weeks before my secondary school !! Hahahaha lambat giller...
Some would argue that this process is not good for the child's psychological state as the trauma can haunt the child his whole life. However , I do feel that it is a character building process ; its not easy to handle the stress and feeling very scared about the whole thing ! If they can get through this then it is a "wake up" for the challenges they will face in the future. It really brings out the child's personality and having this experience will certainly assist them growing up. The future challenges that our children will be facing is immence and they need to be resilient. Being brave and the ability to handle stress is vital to survive life. Hmmm.. I wonder when will i decide for dzaeffran's circumcision ?

the I station team.. :)
Now that I'm part of the "part time" team , if there is any future sunathon event ; I would like to invite you to join us !!!


razman said...

sunathon?!? never thought there was such a thing, now i know, hahaha

mafiz said...

To join your "part time" team tu untuk sesiapa yg belum sunat kan? haahahaha