Tuesday, December 09, 2008

groggy.. again..

Aidiladha was celebrated in a modest manner yesterday. I guess , being a Johor-bred as well as a town boy , aidiladha celebrations were never as galant as Aidilfitri.Mak and adik came over to cook the traditional delicacies on raya eve ; with Azam with his family came to join us later. It was the first time that our SS2 home lit up with food and people during raya ! I guess , a best way to say goodbye to the house before we move. I prayed raya in the nearby mosque in SS2 ; breaking my yearly tradition of praying in TTDI. As expected , there were more foreign workers in my qariah compared to the locals ; hence Shah Rukh Khan lookalikes roam freely around SS2 !! Hahahahaha I did not participate in this year's qurban ; usually I wll have a part in the SMTTDI qurban. Since it's the school holidays there was none done.
I had to work from 10pm to 8am yesterday. I was hoping for a cool shift as how it was before , but RESUS last night was damn busy. Of course , it was the medical field day with APOs coming left right and centre.I was on my feet for the whole 8 hours ; and am very groggy now. TASKA is closed till thursday and the kids were "freely" watching the TV as i slept most of the morning and early afternoon !!


Anonymous said...

leaving ss2 already? well bila nak pindah bj? anyways, congrats to u n haniza. jauh sikit la kan, from ur new nest to ur office?

its not late to say selamat hari raya!


Dr.M said...

soon.. need to pack n move. bj house is ready but yes, the distance is the only drawback at the current moment.. :)