Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tragedy beckoning

I was on my way to work this morning when Shakti gave me a ring. He was the first person to inform me about the Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy ; he was at ground zero very early in the morning. Well , he lived next door in Taman Melawati ! He disclosed me his disgust about the whole tragedy..something that those who has gone through that area ; wondering when will it happen again.
I was in charge of resus ; therefore when I arrived i quickly approached the ER team whether there was any DISASTER switch on .. I guess, HKL and Ampang were the nearest to the scene of tragedy ; thus making them the automoatic choice as the first responder. I waited anxiously because if things were to get worse , then UMMC will be part of the DISASTER Management team.. and I am in charge of RESUS for the day... jeng..jeng..
My condolonces to the family members who've lost their family member in this tragedy ( one of them is related to wifey... ) Its sad when things like this happen. You just wanna say .. I TOLD YOU SO.. but its not the right time to say it. I've been through that area numerous times , and seeing the houses which were built on the hillside were outrageous. TO make it worse , there were few other projects going on !! Honestly, its not the first time of its kind ; ever since the Highland Towers tragedy in 1993 , there were few close calls but this is the worst so far since then. Its scary thinking if you are one of those trapped ; unable to get out of the area which has totally been cut off due to the massive landslide. No eletricity , no water supply... wooohh.. that is truly scary being in such decivilized..
However , i do reckon its SILLY and SOOO STUPID to make statements like ...
WTF lah ???? totally knee jerk statements which i reckon is inappropriate !! You don't say this things now ! Its a bit TOO late isn't it ?
And of course , the next episode... lets play the BLAME-GAME ...

p/s and on the other side of the country , a nearby mamak worker lookalike with baju melayu during Syawal and Aidiladha prayers in the local mosque received his datukship !

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shakti said...

my condolances to the people involved. its extra depressing that this has to happen during raya haji time. the lives of the victims and thousands in the vicinity have been affected.han a decade. it
those houses have been on those slopes for more than a decade. it just goes to show that hillside development can never entirely safe.
lets be different and not play the blame game. instead lets join hands with all malaysians and not buy houses on the hills!!!