Sunday, December 21, 2008

Malakoff Taman Rimba 12k

We completed our group activity this year with this run in TTDI. Being home ground , it is a must and not to be missed. We were dissapointed though upon collecting our numbers , we were informed that the route had changed. We were not allowed to go on to the SPRINT highway and into PENCHALA LINK for the 12k. Instead , we were to do 2 laps from TAman RImba to the Sime Darby COnvention Centre ; to and fro.There were lots of inclining road but because we were going back through the same route , it balanced out. I've been training in Kiara hills so the climb was not that bad. I was not panting.I guess , I did press hard this time for a good timing which i will only know afte the results are published sometime this week.It was certainly impressive to see the Kenyan runners sprinting all the way when we came across them on the other side !
It was certainly fun and to start off , Azad had to wear Mafiz's crocs because he left his shoes at home ! What a way to end the year's run. It was also interesting because there was a challenge up , Ruslan aiming to finish in front of Azad this time !! Hahahaha I will not tell you the outcome and let you read their blogs instead to find out !!
Thank you guys for the great runs we had this year.. and will continue in 2009 ! Azam !!

they say i look leaner now.. hehe



waa tak sangka.. doctor pun boleh jadi fit macamnni

dochisyam said...

Well done bro,
Next target the marathon?
I'm bringing Rapi for a short lite and easy ride FRIM this saturday. Join us jom

Azad said...

Kaki ayaaammm! Hehehe