Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last night was the first time I did UMMC's locum in consultation aka Green Zone. I am usually placed at the resus area ( red zone) which was where I was more comfortable managing. I could have changed my placement but i had the thought of having a go of what was said to be the most challenging job in the hospital. Pure 9 hours of medical consultation ; non-stop !It must have been a bad night because the usual suspects were stressed with the number of patient that kept coming in. I was at the verge of collapsing when the clock stroke 8 this morning. MAk aaaiii.... Its very similar to the outpatient department in other hospitals. Its the same all around the country and my god , i dunno how people can survive this ordeal !
What did i learn from last night's experience ?
1.Salute and tabik spring to the ED green zone doctors. Its tough to keep up with the literally free flow of patients which kept coming in .its not easy I can tell you !
2.Unless you are really really desperate for money , then it is a good option. But the energy and zest it took away blew my mind away !
3.Bawak baju spare , you'll never know when your patient can vomit on you !
4.If its not super urgent , then don't bother to go to the emergency department ; the waiting time can be hell as we doctors try our best to fascilitate everybody thoroughly.
5.It reminded me of my housemanship years.
6.I can be a "mata duitan" without me realizing it !

A total nightmare and I am zombied....

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