Friday, December 19, 2008

Goal shot down..

"Takkan lari gunung dikejar... pelan2 kayuh !! " Deeno OGKL

Well , i guess the saying is right. I;ve been looking into crossing the Titiwangsa 2009 .Its the toughest mountain trail /expedition and I am ready for it !More to it , Its V2 Reverse ! If I manage to complete the expedition , then I've completed my G7 ( mountains of more than 4000 ft high ! ) .I was eagerly awaiting the dates from OGKL as they've mentioned about it a few times during our meetings and trips last year.
Unfortunately , With TT i have no rezeki. LAst year for the Chamah Ulu Sepat , I was not granted leave by my department. This year , it will be Mutee's reception !! arrgghhh... Family comes first and of course , the famous malay saying.. takkan lari gunung dikejar.. :) I guess the time will come when I am allowed to do so :) Maybe not in January but later in 2009 ?Mulu & Pinnacles ? tu still onnn in March.. hehehe

Tahukah anda???
- Route v2 ini merupakan antara route pendakian paling ekstreme berbanding route-route pendakian yang lain di Malaysia?? (Transtt v1.0, Gn Tahan etc.)
- Route v2 ini melibatkan banyak puncak gunung serta terdapat 4buah gunung melebihi ketinggian 7000kaki?? (Yong Belar, Korbu, Gayong, Yong Yap)
- Route v2 ini mengambil masa 7-8hari untuk dihabiskan?? (namun bergantung juga kepada keadaan peserta - ada yang tak fit lebih dari 7-8 hari..;))
- Route v2 ini membolehkan ada merentasi 3buah negeri dalam seminggu?? (Perak, Kelantan, Pahang)
- Route Reverse v2 merupakan salah satu dari beberapa route yang membolehkan pendaki mendaki untuk 4buah gunung G7?? (samada naik melalui Ipoh, Gua Musang atau pun Kuala Mu)

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Anonymous said...

Bro, you are avid outdoor guy and have been on more that a dozen trails.Time to increase the difficulty level. its fun going in a group but doing it solo really leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. In today's facebook world, we are very rarely alone that we have forgotten how fun it can be. Its also s good time to reflect and plot! Ala pinky and the brain.
Try to to the trek solo,or if you like, I will be happy to join u if the time is right.