Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Young does not equal no risk

I arrived in resus early this morning and Juli was about to pass over to me the cases from the night shift when I heard my name called.. I looked towards the voice and it was from patient in bay 1. I asked Juli who he was and quickly glanced at the folder. And my oh my , I do recognize the name !! It was a senior of mine from school!
I asked Juli why was he in resus and she mentioned to me that he was having chest pain. I went by his side and greeted him. Of course , he knew me and i could see that he was a bit glad. He was still in pain but i guess , having somebody you know around during this hour of fear is helpful. I consoled him and ask him to relax ; asked about the onset of his symptoms . I remembered meeting him in Kiara Park a few months ago after my run ; he was walking with his wife. I could remember that the conversation then did revolve on his deteriorating health.
I repeated his ECG because I was not happy with his persistent chest pain. Yups.. it was evolving and certainly evidence tht he is having an ongoing myocardial infarction ( heart attack ) . I gave a generous amount of morphine and we did the appropriate management accordingly. He was luckily stable and it is now about damage control than anything ; to minimize morbidity and stabilize .
Seeing him fragile in bay one made me realize ; how god can take away the strength and confidence in one just like that. He may have always been overweight all his life , but I've never seen so much fear in his eyes ; fear of death which was very possible. He was a heavy smoker and i could smell tobacco on him when i approached him. Risk factors such as this is very real and i urge those who are actively involved to stray away from this habit. Not being 40 therefore no risk is absolute bullocks as the age cap has lowered down so much. We are all at risk and this serves as a reminder to those who forget ( I am in that category ) .
He was later sent to the cardiac ward with PCI in mind.My prayers for his recovery of health..

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