Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year resolutions

Its a tradition on my blog now. Every year , I will review my new year resolutions and from there evaluate and formulate a new one. Here goes..

2008 resolutions
1. Always my number 1 priority every year ; Weight loss with an appropriate BMI with an excellent fitness :)
It came true this year ! I guess my overactive activities this year helped ! I don't huff and puff anymore for my 10K runs ! I am much fitter now and I've gone down 10 kg !! Maintaining it will be a challenge.
2.Project Baby Genius III .. heheheh..
Insya Allah in February I will be expecting my 3rd baby :)
3.Moving into our new home with cool inhouse decor.. ( which will make me go bankrupt ! )
I've moved into our BJ home partially with no furnitures and definitely a miser now !
4.To climb G7 mountains in Malaysia
I haven't climbed all but I am happy with my Trusmadi Tambuyokon achivement !
5.Achieving a milestone in other interests ( must start now.. )
Somehow I could not recall what I was thinking about when making this resolution.. hahaha kalau salah interprete bahaya ni..
6.Settle my research and aim to publish in 2009
Not settled yet.. but there is progess.
7. JAdi lagi kaya... dan kaya !! Hahahaha ( Money is everything you know... )
The opposite happened though this year ! I've never seen my bank account so small in numbers :P
8. To seek happiness for my innerself.. :)
Alhamdulillah , I do feel happier now and closer to Allah.

Now for the 2009 resolutions !
1.To be fitter as an Ironman and more weight loss !! ( down to 70kg maybe ? )
2.Finish a marathon within the stipulated time and uninjured.(KLIM09 here i come ! )
3.Settle my research project and make a my presence felt in the International Conference ( macam real je... )
4.Get the Big5 and G7. ( mountain climbing lingua )
5.Publish more articles on the mainstream media and getting my own paper column :)
6.Get 1000 friends on my facebook ! ( add me eh.. )

Have a good year everyone.. :)


Anonymous said...

try something different in 2009. start going to the gym and doing heavy weight training. you generally need to spend less time at it than cardio, its nice growing bigger and stronger at our age and you can be a bit more liberal with your food! weight training really jacks up your metabolism, allowing to lose weight while actually consuming more calories. cool stuff

mafeitz said...

u canbe my trainer boss ! we go to the um gym eh , teach me the proper way.

Maswafi Abd Samat said...

salam, mafietz aku harap kau berjaya untuk perkara satu, akku percaya kau boleh kerana azam kau cukup kuat beb!