Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Unforced desire

I am on leave this month ; not that i really plan or want it but forced to. I love working.. hahahah.. honestly ! I do enjoy it very much eventhough it can be disheartening sometimes. It all began last month when the department announced that we can't bring over our current leave to the next academic year. For years it had not been a problem for us ; but i guess the recent conjoint collaboration between UM , UKM and USM altered the usual practice.
Guess what.. I have 30 days left over from previous years! That really shows that I seldom take leave and of course , trying to be smart piling my leaves for future study leave before my finals ! Too smart i guess and it became a dilemna last month. We were told to finish our leaves in stages or it will burn into ashes if we don't . I was in ICU last month and it was quite impossible to serve the short notice. I've confronted my boss and she was alright for me to take long leaves in December as it is not an exam month and staffing should be adequate.
However , being at home can be a bit boring for me. I do plan to study as I plan to take a foreign exam soon..very soon that I am not so sure whether it is wise to do so !! Hahahaha.. therefore I've registered myself to be available to the emergency department for locum work ! Locum in UMMC is not bad at all because you are paid RM80 per hour ..very lucrative ! Each shift you work for 8 hours or 10 hours ! ( Calculate ..and you'll see what i mean !! $$$ ) Compared to the workload I reckon its reasonable ! To my delight , I'm scheduled for quite a few slots and definitely..$$$$$$ woohooo... dahlah mcm nak bankrupt ni because of BJ house !!
And here I am , waiting for my shift to be over with on my first overnight locum in UMMC Emergency Department. I'm sure I will have lots of experience and story to tell this December. At the same time , its good to be back in resus "unofficial ED posting" after a long hiatus ; which will help with my exam's knowledge too :)
Code Blue ..... Activated... :)


mafiz said...

Fuaaahhh...3 hari keje boleh beli sport rim enkei ni! or a DSLR! or PS3! hehehe

Dr.M said...

hehehehe..i wish bro ! I need to pay my credit card bills too... hehehehe