Friday, December 12, 2008

MANA DZAEFFRAN during the family day out ?

Hi..its me again Dzaeffran !! I thought blogging was not for me after the earlier entry( i could not eat my rice with my fingers as they were so sore !! ) , but I had to explain regarding the newspaper report about the Nuffnang-Friso Family Day Out event! I was not in the picture with Walid ( this is what i call my dad ) and Qaisya !!

Atuk , Maktuk , Nenek , Pak Long , Mak Long , Cik Cun , Auntie Elly , Uncle Mutee and Uncle Meng asked me the same question repeatedly ..

I tried to explain that i was caged by Walid because of my uncontrolled genius behaviour !! Hahahaha Everybody knew it was a fib even before i tried to put it into a sentence. Well , to be honest , I don't know myself !! Hmmmm.. Let me retrace where i could be on that fine Saturday.

We were in a place called Kidsportz & Gym early in the morning. Umi was not with us because she had to work ( again !! ) so Walid was kind enough to bring both Qaisya and me to the event. I was excited because I know it would be of so much fun and joy ! Millions of balloons greeted us at the entry point and I was so thrilled ! However I don't understand why Walid wanted me and Qaisya to change as we were already on our best clothes ! I refused to wear it initially but resistance is futile.... :( Qaisya looked funny with the oversized t-shirt but i guess it did not look that bad after all !! It was a huge turnout and i could see lots of people with their children eagerly waiting to enter the area.
After everybody assembled , there were two adults talking which was not to my interest. My eyes were glued to the play area which had a pool of balls as well as a huge slide which was the tallest and largest that I've ever seen in my life !! Wooohhhhoooo.... When everybody clapped i thought it was time for me to jump in joy ! However , Walid took me and Qaisya with a group of other kids to one of the activity room.

Initially it was fun !! I enjoyed the dance and the obstacle course. I left Qaisya and took the lead! All other kids were happy as well climbing , crawling , rolling and jumping along the specially designed track. I guess , this must be the reason why Walid loves to go hiking and mountain climbing. However , I still cannot forget the play area which was why when nobody was looking...

I tried to run and head for the door !!! Victory !! However as I was leaving the room ; i saw bubbles... plenty of bubbles roaming in the air !! I cannot leave this area. It was too much fun!! Huuraaaayyyy !!! Bubble fight !! Lets pop off everything !!! Huurraaayyyy!!!!! I jumped and all the kids were in the "RAVE" mood... ( hehehe as if i know what that means... )

Qaisya and I were so happy after that. I can see all the kids in my gym room smiling from ear to ear . We then had a break and shortly after a good sip of cold chocolate drink ; I saw crayons , colour pencils and drawing sheet on the ground !! I whispered to Qaisya , " MUSKA MUSKA !! " and within a second we were on the ground starting out our project. Apparently it was a colouring competition and we were "under-age" to be a part! With my good charms , i managed to convince and persuade them that i will guide Qaisya well and we will behave. Walid was however having his sceptical look.. hehehe

Alas... our masterpiece ! It was themed after Picasso's classism and surrealism. I totally loved the collaboration of art but to my dissapointment , it was not appreciated as such by the judges. Well , we were underaged to start off with but then that is not a hindrance ! Maybe in another 50 years people will realize and see for what its worth.

It was lunch time !! And my oh my.. I was really full. The snacks were fulfilling and I cannot ask for a better food :) I managed to munch of everything which was for me and had a little peak at Qaisyas ! She was furious and throwed tantrums to Walid's disapprovement. Sorry Qaisya , I was using so much physical and brain energy and i need to replenish !!

Soon after there was a magic show on and everybody gathered around the master magician. He was good and I thought it was David Blaine's brother !! However , i do fail to comprehend why he called himself BANANA when he is not yellow at all ?? He does not even look like one. Sometimes I don't understand why adults like to behave this way... ? But wait , I saw Walid engrossed with Banana's show and Yes.. it is time.. it is time ... for me to pursue my dream and goal !!!!

YEEAAAAAAAHHHH !!!!! I was swimming.. and swimming with joy among the balls ! The pool was cool and definitely not for fools !!! Qaisya and I were so happy to dive and roll across the pool. Wow.. I wish we had this at home and maybe its not a bad idea to ask Umi or Walid to get one of these.

And i reached NIRVANA after sliding down the TALLEST ever SLIDE in the world !! I was afraid in the beginning but I braved myself to just close my eyes and let myself go.. It was pure adrenaline sliding down ! And i did it again... again....and again.....

Qaisya saw me and wanted to join the fun. As a big brother , i know my responsibilities. She is too young for this and I must take care of her. I tried to stop her but she was determined and stubborn. Oh no.. she maybe in danger! Quickly i shouted for Walid. Only then Walid realized where we were... and ofcourse he was not happy ! I had to sacrifice my fun and joy for my sister.. and both of us were demoted to the UNDER-3 play area... Nevertheless , safety first :) I was happy anyway ...

The event ended at 2pm and Walid had won himself RM100 voucher from MPH ; thanx to Nuffnang and Friso ! We did not win the Grand Prize to see Mickey and Minnie , but i guess i may not be able to learn cantonese in time anyway. Congratulations
Overall I enjoyed and had maximal fun during the Nuffnang - Friso family day out ! Thank you so much for the event from me and Qaisya. I guess it will be quite sometime before we can have as much fun as this but i hope that it will be soon...

P/S Ohhh... now i remember why I was not there when the picture was taken... I was looking and admiring the most handsome and smart looking boy during the Nuffnang-Friso family day out !!!

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*lol* hahaha, indeed mana dzaeffran :)