Sunday, October 04, 2009

Watch my priority!!

I really don't know why i feel so tried nowadays.. I did not manage to fit in any runs during ramadhan and so far in syawal it is not any better. Luckily my Salzburg trip had lots of walking in it.. ada lah calories burnt..
I guess the big bulk reason pertaining to my dilemma at the moment would be my late nights, juggling studies, family, activities and interest..( saja tak nak tulis FB here.. hahahaha ) I'm involved in a lot of things and I reckon thati have to straighten up to set my priorities..

M Anaes Part II May 2010... guess, this is my MAIN priority atthe moment. I do realize that I have not pushed into the right gear towards it though. My seniors told me its common but then hey, I'm not that bright to start of with therefore shouldn't i start early? hahaha ( cakap sorang-sorang..)
Let me list down what i will be doing from now on till Dec la kot to explain why i feel i'm doing lots of other things..

1. 14 - 16 Oct National Anaesthesia Day celebration in UM.. I'm involved heavily in it..
2. 24 My birthday .. hahahaha don't think I'll be super busy here..
3. 26-31 Oct Murud-Bario expedition.. in my quest to complete BIG 5
4. 1 Nov- Genting Trailblazer- really need to train now for this.. but i guess imeediately after an expedition trip, should be ok kot.. hahaha
4. Whole of November.. in IJN.. busy all the way and its a bit too late to do this posting isn't it?
5.Whole of December - ICU..

Hehehehe.. i really can't stop doing this to myself eih? a virus i caught since my school days.. checkmate..

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Dr Zek said...

thats true...nowadays im also easily getting triedness syndrome...i know why, because we are getting older and older...haha...