Monday, January 18, 2010

New Balance 30K

I decided to upgrade my running this year.. well, not full super running all the way though ( hahaha.. nak jadi superman la ni) I needed the extra challenge since I'm fairly comfortable with 21k. Not to say my timing is very superb but doing a 2h30min ish is fairly ok for me. How much faster can i go? Below 2 hrs perhaps but i won't be winning any prizes as the ultimate challenge would be to LAST the distance..and the final frontier: which is the marathon.
I registered for the full 30K in this year's edition.( It was known as GE's before now it is NB). Initally Kamal registered for the same category eventhough we've been begging him to just go for the shorter one after seeing him suffer in the last few runs.. but i guess, its the extra challenge to yourself.. to go on when you are totally knackered, to say that you can finish eventhough your physique is giving you signs about damage.. Azad was still on with his 20K ; training for the Korbu Gayong trip later this month!

(thanx Jewelz for the photo!!)
I arrived at the Bukit Aman parking area at about 5am..gosh.. dah ramai orang dah time ni..managed to find a parking for myself and there I was walking alone to the starting area. Azad was running the 20 so no way for me to see him as yet. I thought Kamal was already thee but he texted me atthe very last minute saying he is unwell.. There I was , starting line up.. many familiar faces; mostly triathletes and ironmans I've came across in other races with time. Saw Luvis too and it was his maiden 30K as well! Francis Yeng ( My paeds lecturer in IMU) was beside me before we start!
And off we went !!!! Of course, the Padang Merbuk course will start with the hill and then around to Bank Negara. This early double hill run has always been famous for its punishing course.. and I must say that I was punished!!! The route took us from Padang Merbuk, Bukit Tunku and towards Hartamas and back again. I managed to sneak Subuh prayers after passing Masjid KL along the way!
Honestly, up to 20K I was fairly comfortable and thought ehh..not bad! I was just passing 2 hr mark and hey..another 10K for under 3hrs.. not bad..not bad!!! The training run going up Bukit Cinta of UM certainly paid off as the inclinations were similar but multiple times more effort!!!
Then..after 22K .. my thighs began to twitch.. the pain started here..i thought ok.. slowly la kot.. then the other thigh twitched... Ok i said.. slow i decided to brisk walk.. hmm... seems better.. and took my kurma to sort of boost me up. Then when i thought I was OK i ran again ..but it lasted 10 steps before both my thighs and calves hardened. Maakk aiii... painful!! The cramp was getting to me as I started walking and it did not stop there.. hahaha..I was practically limping... alamak..takkan sini je kot. I've not felt cramps like this for a very long time!!
The pain never went away! Wow... pain is pleasure!! hahahaha sakit giler!! but the mantra of:
Kesakitan hanya sementara.. Kejayaan buat selama-lamanya!! became my motivation factor.
It was painful though.. as I tried my best to run-walk-run. Of course, when you thought you are there.. the turning to Bukit Merbuk was for the 20k..for the 30K runners.. more torture!! Around to Bank Negara..up..up.. and then back to Padang Merbuk.. hahahahahaha That was not funny!!!

I told myself I will finish this run no matter what. The cramps were really pulling me down but I tried my best to push it off with the mantra..
Of course, coming down the short hill I had to do a bit of running. Mak aii.. it was not beautiful, but seeing the finishing line there i nfront of your eyes brushes away the pain for me to achieve my goal.. and Alhamdulillah..i crossed the finsih line safely!!!
I did a 3hr 45ish ( based on Kooky Kash's time as she passed me on the way to the finishing line.) I am happy with my time as this is my first 30K ever!! Waah.. ni baru 30K, lagi 12 camana ek?

the finisher's T-shirt( courtesy of runningandsome blog)
p/s Hari ni memang ROBOT sket.. hahahaha


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Well done doc!
The remaining 12km? Hmm.. itu kena rasa sendiri la baru best...

Mafeitz Mamat said...

tq bro.. nak kejar rasanya tak bule lagi kot.. hahaha anyway , 42k virginity will be lost in Putrajaya nite race.. hehehe tengokla macamana.. nak LSD ni tak sempat la.. busy!!

Anonymous said...

you da man!!!!!!

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