Friday, January 11, 2019

A thin line between deed and riak

One thing good about blog nowadays, whenever you want to rant it will be in a way personal until somebody actually browse into your blog. Really-really reading your blog. I imagine that one will know one is sincere and not for seeking attention. Unlike the current social media medium; when your post is out, it will appear on a number of people's timeline. Somehow or rather, people will know what you feel at that moment and there will be a thin line between venting out and seeking for attention. 
Image result for sultan johor mahathir protonI guess i understand why the act of "mengungkit" is not encourage in our religion. Its evil on both point: the person who boasts on her deeds doing it to hurt another and the person being boasted upon, feeling sad and discouraged. There is no winner in that situation except to hurt the other again and again. Using it as an argument is really hitting below the belt but i guess that is life when the objective is to be always right. 

Any point arguing with such person? Nope absolutely pointless! Haha but its easy to say this out but when you are in that situation it is very difficult not to engage in the name of defending yourself. I have however learnt throughout the years to not be jumpy. Its so easy to reply to the arguments and just say things to hurt the other. What is the point? I guess when one is happy to keep it to oneself is the ultimate self control. Takda faedahnya hahaha 

Allah berfirman: "Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jangan rosakkan (pahala amal) sedekah kamu dengan perkataan menyebut-nyebut dan (kelakuan yang) menyakiti, seperti (rosaknya pahala amal sedekah) orang yang membelanjakan hartanya kerana hendak menunjuk-nunjuk kepada manusia (riak) dan ia pula tidak beriman kepada Allah dan hari akhirat. Maka bandingan orang itu ialah seperti batu licin yang ada tanah di atasnya, kemudian batu itu ditimpa hujan lebat, lalu ditinggalkannya bersih licin (tidak bertanah lagi). (Demikianlah juga halnya orang-orang yang kafir dan riak itu) mereka tidak akan mendapat sesuatu pahala pun dari apa yang mereka usahakan. Dan ingatlah, Allah tidak akan memberi pertunjuk kepada orang kafir." (Surah al-Baqarah : 264)

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