Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Dying blogging

People dont read blogs as much as it was at its peak. Since facebook, twitter and instagram came into the picture, blogs are slowly diminishing. I have to concur to this because i dont browse through blogs anymore. Most blogs that i read are inactive now. Who would have thought, this blog thingy would be somehow ancient after 10 years. I was at my peak of blogging then circa 2008-2010  :) But i guess that is how life is.

People tend to browse facebook and twitter more because less writing to read? Haha the truth is people's focus and attention is less with facebook and twitter. As one can see the language used in fb postings are short ; the long winded ones will be skipped anyway. If you are looking for followers, then fb and twitter would be the instrument. Blogging is a different ball game. 

My own blog entry has been pathetic the last 2 years so I am guilty as well to let this trend continue. I can give all the reason to justify myself but the truth was i sort of lost interest in blogging :) Simple, straight to the point. Blog is something personal - diary like. Its nice to share thoughts and ideas in this medium. 

I am lucky my blog is still around; remember geocities? I do hope that blogspot will be around for the next 10 years. As a back up i should copy and store it somewhere. Looking back at what i wrote then, kelakar juga ( haha puji diri). I guess the blog serves as a virtual diary that can be read by many; that will diminish unless being search upon. 

If there are still readers of my blog and in particular this entry, thank you. Thank you for keeping the blogosphere alive. And if we can keep the momentum going, do not be surprise if there is another wave of blogging happy bloggers and readers who will make it popular again! 

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