Thursday, January 03, 2019

New Year 2019!

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Hello 2019!
Wow another year gone just like that.
The new dawn of a new year towards 2020.

2018 was an eventful year, with ups and downs. Some you would want to remember forever, some you would prefer not to be reminded off. But hey, for me, no regrets. It should be as such then I am as normal as anybody else.

Unfortunately, an old habit resurfaced and that made me sad. The habit who'd haunt me in the past and I thought it had been let go. Obviously not and slowly it is creeping into my day to day mind. God willing i do hope that it is just another phase.

2017 was pathetic with only 7 posts. 2018 did not fare well either with 10.

So to 2019!! Lets do it! To more adventures, more endevours and unbreak my heart!

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