Saturday, November 13, 2004

Shangri La iftar.. Mentekedarah in action !!!

The 2nd last day of ramadhan - had my iftar in Shangri La.. Fuiiyoo , my first time in that prestiguous hotel. Wow.. it was really posh and nice !! It is in the centre of KL just infront of beach club and NOuvo in Jalan Sultan Ismail.

I was there on dAto Khaled's invitation ( the minister of Entrepeneur and Cooperative Development ). I was there with Mal and Rozaini. In the beginning i thought it was one of his many functions - and invited us to be a part of the function . so being me.. the food-devil..hehehehehe pergi je la..makan free sapa taknak rite ? eventhough i was a bit groggy - this was realised by dato' himself !! But then to my surprise , it was actually only the 7 of us. Me . mal , rozaini with dato khaled , his son and his 2 secretaries ( political and press ). I was flattered mah.. baik menteri nih ajak buka puasa!!

We'll i've known him for 2 years and he is one down to earth minister. I did write 2 speeches for him and i was rewarded with rm2000 for my heidelberg trip last year !!! haks.. but since becoming the minister he is a bit bz - so our meet up had been non - existence for the past 1 year. Than you Dato !! it was a nice meal..tahun depan nak lagi ek.. hehehehehe ( last year it was in Mutiara Hotel )

Hehehehe nice je ?? I ate like mentekedarah !! my belly was full i felt like it almost burst!! hehehehe but most of it was because of my extra keen consumption of drinks - toooooo thirsty with the hell job since last nite !!! Mal was the winner this year - he ate lots of the chocolate fountain thingy !! it was really cool . what they did was having this fountain - where water was replaced with chocolate flow. all we need to do is take the assorted biscuits and dip it in !! really kewl.. of course being me.. i experimented with the water melon..pine apple and chicken bits.. hehehehehehe

It was kewl - the meet up was informal and fun !! haks.. end up with mal for i hour sitting in the lobby - trying to load the full belly down !! haaakkss..

I'm going back to kampung tomorrow in Muar. So dear friends and keen avid bloggers. Salam Aidilfitri. Ampun dan maaf dipinta , yang dahulu kini dan akan datang. *smile*


Pallbearer said...

I figure Yassar Arafat died from either Aids or poison. Having spent four years in the Middle East, I may not have a great deal of introspection about the culture but I have been able to look at it from a distance with a somewhat jaded eye.

Most Arabs are forbidden to talk or otherwise associate with anyone from the opposite sex other than parents or siblings. When pubescent hormones start raging, homosexual relationships develop as the norm, not the exception. Although the punishments for this are theoretically harsh, they are simply not enforced. Bisexual behavior is the rule, certainly not the exception. Arab males are required to demonstrate "Manliness" throughout life. If you see an ancient Arab man with his beard dyed red with henna, he is claiming that he can get an erection. If you see two men holding hands, they are lovers. Forget what the press claims it is; they also have media elites with an agenda. In any case, the men locked into the compound are expected to do something sexual. They might smuggle in some young male prostitutes or what not, but they are sexually active, not with women.

Suha is clearly the Arab version of a trophy wife. The Arab male can have four wives and swap them out on a whim. Absolute beauty to an Arab is a fat blonde woman. He may have other wives to raise the kids and cook meals, but he trots out the blonde to show his friends. They will pay 22 million a year to keep her quiet. Her opinion on anything means nothing to them.

Arabs are big proponents of poison. There will be no autopsy. They aren't done. The suggestion of doing one is positioning by doctors who no doubt know why he died.

When the Husein boys were killed, they not only got an autopsy (after being shot enough times to make the cause obvious), they were embalmed. They are in trouble in the afterlife for this. I won't bore you with the details.

skipper37 said...

Eh, Mafeitz. Who la that guy with the v long comment up there? Anyway, selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin. Drive safely to Muar.

mafeitz said...

i don't know.. sesat kot..silap blog..

Anonymous said...

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