Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh mama.. saya mau kawin..

The rumour started early this year ; that Pak Lah has a new partner. Everybody on the net traffic were disussing about it. It became an internet myth when Pak Lah squashed it down..

" Rumours semua tu... rumours... ".

And yesterday 6/6/07 , he came out to the public and announced his intentions ; hahahaha.. Believe it or not , Pak Lah is putting his name in Malaysia history as the first Prime Minister to wed "officially" in office !!! You're the man YAB PAk Lah !!! haks..
COngratulations !! MAy you have a happy married life..

P/S Wifey was however not taking this happy news well...
" The last hope that i trust has betrayed me... men.... "

hahahahaha !!!!

Excerpts from the prime minister’s press conference:

Q: When did you first meet your future wife?
A: I’ve known her a long time as she is Endon’s (late wife’s) sister- in-law.

Q: Why did it take you so long to announce because before this, you said it was just a rumour?
A: All the dates mentioned were wrong... that’s why I said it was just a rumour. It took some time. I needed to consult my children and had to find the time as I was too busy going here and there.

Q: Do you plan to go on a holiday after your wedding?

A: There’s no plans yet... there’s an official trip abroad... I will be bringing (Jeanne) along... what’s the use of having a companion if you don’t bring her along... that too (the press) want to ask?
Q: Have you ordered the wedding ring?
A: Yes... it’s already late now.

Q: What do you call her? Darling, sayang? (Laughter from the floor).
A: You will all know what I call her after the marriage.

Q: What is Datuk Seri’s hope from the people? A: I hope they will pray for our happiness because a happier prime minister can do a lot of good work (laughter and applause from the floor).
Q: Will your life be more meaningful?

A: How can it not be meaningful? What kind of question is that? More meaningful.... yes, more meaningful.


Azad said...
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Azad said...

Haiyaaa... itu wifey unhappy ka? Kasi present ke, bawak jalan2 ke? Make it more meaningful. Hahaha...

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Pak Lah. Semoga dirahmati Allah selalu, Insya Allah.

Stupe said...

can i say something?

when Pak Lah say that he knows Jean for the longest time as she is her Late wife's sister in law...

is he saying that he has been eyeing her ever since????


Dr.M said...

Hahahahaha !!
Thats why if you read about stuffs they write on the net about Pak Lah , Endon n Jean ; somehow now with Pak Lah's announcement , everything fits like a jigsaw puzzle!!

mz ayam said...

Aiyooooo guys, give him a break okay - he is marrying a WOMAN he loves, but dr m, i do share your wifey sentiments!! Hehheheheh

sbanboy said...

I am happy for him that he does not need to be alone anymore ... :D

DocYana said...
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