Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Qaisya..

If we did not plan this earlier , I might have been in Rembau or Lembah Pantai..
but of course , family comes first !!
We celebrated Qaisya's birthday on a small scale today. Wifey woke up early and went all the way to Kampung Baru to get the famous nasi lemak.I was still asleep by then and then it was my turn to get the helium balloons from a nearby shop.

Pak Long special..
Elly came earlier to give her presents as she had class today. It was sweet of her to get presents for both dzaeff and the birthday girl. The rest of the family came sharply at 11am and when i returned most of them were already eating. Qaisya was not her usual self though ; having fever for the past 2 days must have irritated her and she did not appear to enjoy the occasion as how we expected her to. Nevertheless , she was calm during the cake cutting and of course Dzaeff stole the show when singing the birthday song. Instead of " TO YOU... " it was " TOYO !!!" Hahahaha...

Baskin Robbin's special

back from the balloon shop


The 3 muskateers..

cupcake bash

Atok high

Family pic..


Anonymous said...

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drzeze said...

hepi besdei to Qaisya...from auntie mama..moga membesar menjadi kebanggaan keluarga.