Monday, February 04, 2008

Sendiri mau ingat..

One has to appreciate one's health , because once it is in jeopardy then we will start thinking of the the deterrants that should have been obeyed earlier. No matter how genius , how lucky or how smart you are , one has to be careful and try very hard to sustain the best of health.
After arwah Ben's demise , there was a sudden surge of incidents involving friends of mine- all in their 30s ; needing hospital care.Whether it is coincidental or just events surfacing , I don;t know. Dil was admitted for severe chest pain after badminton , Shah admitted for breathlessness and hearing Raja Faizal's battle with cancer certainly painted a worrying picture . I might be having illnesses such as these in the future!
It is a known fact that because of our lifestyle , we are getting patients with chest pain and MI in their 30s. It is not the typical 40s as textbooks used to put it , incidence has become younger. Few friends of mine are diabetics and hypertensives on medication ; and to think end organ damages usually surface after 10th year of the disease can be scary . Considering our lifestyle , the food that we take nowadays ; the damages are certainly accelerated. Once diagnosed , it is about damage control and curative is almost out of the question with these chronic illnesses.
Late night food binge , irregular exercise , smoking and Coke are certainly ways to fast forward the chronic illnesses. Unfortunately , I am a victim ( hahaha.. self sympathy ! ) of such lifestyle ; and i know that if i am not careful - My intention of having the DNR ( Do not resuscitate ) status , may be sooner than i think.

Get well soon my friends...

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