Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It was back to OT today this week. I've not properly done an elective list since September last year ! It was however good to be back in OT ; trying to retrace the old steps , old routine which is of reflex . You don't easily forget the things you do which maybe the routine for the rest of your life. ICU is a totally different scope from the care management in the operating theater.

I was in Paediatric OT today ; a difficult list which requires a senior person , Lecturer or Consultant with you when you are doing the list . It involves lots of anticipation and that will only come with experience.Its worrying , stressful handling these kids ; imagine handling them when they are active is a handful , anaesthetizing them is worse ! I've not done paediatrics properly before , I guess UMMC will be the place for me to learn the tricks and trades of paediatrics anaesthesia. Mind you , with them , there is only one chance and that one chance must be 100 % perfect and always on the forerun. It needs that extra bit of obsession and compulsion ; no wonder paediatrics anaesthetists ar usually the worse ones to be with in OT when you are very junior !
Met an old friend from UK , Ady with Nurrun yesterday in Shah Alam. Its good to catch up and when we started talking it was as if we were never apart before ! It was fun sharing our experiences ; him being an Emergency Medicine trainee in UK. It was also enlightening to continue out intellectual discussion about life which traversed to country related matters , as how we used to do in Shrewsbury. Gosh , I do really miss the good old days !


DrFrappucino said...

I was in UH last thursday. Saw u brisk walked out of ICU - no wonder your pt called u 'handsome doc' :))

Dr.M said...

eh ye ke ? u should have stopped me ! hahahaha... "handsome doc" ?? i take that as a compliment laa.. what were u doing in uh ?

Madonna said...

he stalking u lerr