Monday, February 11, 2008

A nite in KLCC

When else is the best time to be in KL if not the long public holidays ? The city appears exodus as not only those really celebrating the holiday is back at their hometown , those who co-celebrate would seize the opportunity to be with their loved ones. Of course , it becomes the best time to drive hassle free down town . We took the opportunity to dine and laze around in KLCC during one of the days.
I really do love the scenery ; to be below one of the tallest building in the world ( we used to be the one..) . Amazing atmosphere !! I've always wanted to bring the kids to enjoy the fountain as well to look up high ; and gaze upon the magical wonder of Malaysia ( though some might still argue the benefit of such splendour spending ).It was fun though seeing both the children enjoying themselves , one enjoying in glee and the other ; itching to jump out of her carrier !!!

curious young minds..


mother and son bond

father and son bonding while trying to squeeze in the magical wonder !!

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