Monday, February 11, 2008

Knowledge is ignorance..

I don't know which is better , to know more or to know less ?
It can be so easy isn;t it , to know less and be ignorant about it ; when things don't go the way we plan it we take it as it is. Unfortunately , in my profession we are deemed to know more because we are demanded to be that way . It can be disheartening knowing things done may not be as maximum as what we could do. True enough , at the end of the day it will be god's will whether the life is sustained or taken. We are left to wonder however whether what we did was enough or sub effort ?
We were called to protect the airway of an ailing mother , seems to be battling well with her cancer but the main problem at that time was her failing heart ; precipitated by uncontrolled fibrillation which is worsened by the mitral stenosis she had for quite some time . We know that protecting the airway may buy time , but if the heart rate is not controlled ; then we may not be doing any good at all !! Of course we do suggest and be aggressive on our part and we do realize our territory. True enough , she did not make it after few hours on the tube ; Innalillah.
Another foreigner , found on the highway and looked suspiciously as an absconder from another hospital ( no man would insert a CBD ( urinary catheter ) for fun isn't it ? ). He was severely shocked ; very acidotic ( which is incompatible with life ) and to salvage him an immediate dialysis is warranted or he won't last ! True enough , a laparotomy maybe needed for him at that time but if no efforts for acid clearing is done , we are not helping the heart to continue functioning! Strong suggestions will always be overlooked and it can be disheartening to manage the impossible. But we are always all out... never fear !! Bicarbonate infusions may correct your numbers but physiologically the acid is still irritating the body ! He was pronounced dead in recovery , not after an hour long of CPR and resuscitation ; being in his 20's a no-no mortality was expected ??
And my body is aching all over today because of that CPR. A quick warm up and stretching beforehand would have helped !!

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