Friday, February 15, 2008

The jump..

I want to watch Jumper !! Saw the trailer and impressed with the rave reviews by friends and bloggers.. hmm... DVD or GSC ? hmmm...
I've decided to make the jump this year ; running in the 21km category for this year's KL International Marathon. Not that i am fitter or leaner than last year , i just reckon that it is about time for me to do so. I've been saying "next year" , after every KLIM 10km run for the past few years. I don't know whether I am out of my mind but i guess i have to start somewhere !!! Hahahahaha I am not getting any younger isn't it ? I aim to complete marathon before i turn 40... ( lama lagi tu by the way... :) ) So sina , i expect you to snap my pics as i cross the finish line in Dataran !! hahahaha

I managed to get a good bargain for my new running shoes during the Pre chinese new year sale . This is definitely my first "specific" running shoes and i guess getting a good one would help me to achieve my goal this year. Who knows i might be sponsored like Stupe in the future . By the way, Good luck bro for the coming Ironman !!!
Started my training on Wednesday after work. Upacara perasmian kasut baru.. hehehehe.. I decided to run in UM campus this time , as it would be just stupid to go through bad traffic at 5pm in order to get to Kiara Hills. I was puffing and panting on that first run after a long hiatus! Thurdays will be my cross training day ; playing social badminton with the kamcheng gang in DU.
Did a further run today on a bigger loop - almost around the whole UM campus ! The uphill slope was a killer but i loved it because i was soaked with sweat ! A certainly good track for me to train up my stamina in about 1.5 months. Sempat ke ek? Belasah jer kot... hahahahaha


Anonymous said...

When is the KL marathon? Jangan cramp tengah jalan sudah lah dr m!

mafeitz said...

end of march .. lama lagi. ni tgh training ah so that i can finish the least.. :)