Sunday, August 03, 2008

The children's first sports day

After having a very hectic day on Saturday , we ( including the kids ) reluctantly woke up early on Sunday because it was Salsabila's sports day. Both Dzaeff and Qaisya were involved ( imagine.. 2.5 years and 1.5years old !! ) so there was no excuse to skip it.Besides that , wifey is the medical officer in charge for the day so literally there is no way to not attend it ! We were looking forward for it anyway but i guess elly's wedding reception took its toll on both the kids.
They were cranky from the moment they woke up. Dzaeff was suppose to be the main runner for his event but he just had to do a "Misbun" or"Hafiz Hashim" act.. hahahah.. Qaisya's event was benign ; it was the stroller's beautification competition and even then she was crying!
We enjoyed the day anyway. Dzaeff became much better after that and he ran and ran with his friends. Time perform tak pulak... hahahahahha This was my first time being involved and honestly , i am quite surprised to see how certain parents are REALLY PASSIONATELY involved !!! It was exactly like the tv shows you see..hmm..its REAL ! They were serious about winning as if their lives depend on it.. biar betul !! Hahahahaha

pagi pagi sudah kena bangun..

opening ceremony

Qaisya in action..

Dzaeff had to be forced to play !!


Wifey was invited to give away the prizes to winners..

And by the way , there was this competition amongst the parents ; to write few words about the theme. The submission date was a week before the event.Hehehe.. why do i bother to blog it ? Hahahaha to my surprise , I WON IT !! not bad eih ? beating all the other mothers out there... :P


Never miss a moment ,
From womb to birth ,
To appreciate their cry ,
To see them smile ,
To gaze their lovely eyes.

Its a joy to watch them learn ,
To teach them iman ,
To yearn their taqwa ,
Tawadda' to the Almighty.

Never miss a moment ,
Because the hands you caress ,
Will bathe your body upon your death ,
and pray for your soul in the life here after..,

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