Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kedah did the double treble..

I was in Bukit Jalil earlier tonight , hoping to see a miracle. It was the Malaysia Cup final and to not be in the stadium when Selangor plays is a mega sin. I missed the FA cup final because I was in Palembang so i guess , this time since I am around I should not miss it.
Kedah was expected to win this match that made Selangor the underdog team. When we arrived , it was obvious who were the winners ; absent were the usual Selangor final fans ; it was half empty on the Selangor side while on the Kedah side ; it was almost full. Unbelievable !!! The atmosphere was electrifying and the Kedah fans were really fanatics !
Selangor started well , scoring the first goal. At that time the whole bunch were jumping like mad because we thought it was a sign !! Unfortunately , the better team started to pressure Selangor and it was obvious how they controlled the game. Selangor let in the first goal with inch perfect through pass , and then a blaster a minute later ! The whole Selangor crowd went quiet. And guess what , Razman the no 3 defender had to make a STUPID mistake in the penalty box and gave a PRESENT to Kedah.. and they scored ! 3-1 down.. Dil , Fiqar and Kamal just went out the stadium looking to watch Liverpool on telly !! Hahaha 2nd half there was not much of a difference , Safee Salee scored a screamer : EPL quality goal ! However it was not good enough.. and as a Selangor fan.. I was utterly dissapointed for us not to win the coveted sacred cup... :(
Congrats Kedah for their true champion consistency... they were the better team by far !! As for Selangor.. takpe , penyokongmu masih setia... :)
p/sI will always remember that one Kedah fan who danced tak "hengat" punya everytime Kedah scored !!!


Azman said...

Make that two Kedah fans who danced tak hengat ponya. Haha. I jumped macam nak gila sampai terlondeh seluar!

You're right. It's electric!

Selangor's second goal was a beautiful one. And I think that goal was more important to Kedah than it was to Selangor. Kedah was half asleep during second half.

Berbaloi spend 20 ringgit. Terubat luka lama when Perlis stole the Cup from Kedah with a throw in!

kedah top cheerleader said...

eh my earing was still around masa ni... :P