Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mount Tambuyokon 8 - 10 August 2008

Tambuyokon 8462 ft / 2579m
I will never climb this mountain ever again !! Cukuplah sekali !! Hahahahaha.. Tambuyokon maybe the 3rd highest peak but the trail to the top was Wow... Masya Allah ! We started at 300m and the peak is more than 2500 m , tak ke mencanak tu ? Hahahaha.. The travels started from Pekan Ranau where I was just in the nick of time to get my new shoes ! The classic kasut getah which was all of our guide's official sponsor for their climbing shoes !

The journey started after dinner in Ranau. It was excellent ! Sup tulang tu.. mmg dahsyat and nice ! I guess eating proper good food in between the climbs. We took the 4Wd straight to Pos Manggis.It was a bumpy ride and it was raining. We crossed the river thrice but I was not sure whether it was the same one ! But it was my first time on a 4WD crossing a true wide river at night !!

8 August 2008
The trek to Tambuyokon peak was only 14 km but we were warned about the tough conditions and how we should approach the climb. The last time people went up there was in May and being untouched for a few months the denai trek maybe masked.On top of that , its PACAT ( Leech ) heaven !! Hahahaahaha.. The thing most climbers dread most. Therefore , before leaving the next morning we really had a field day spraying our legs with sheltox as well as the magical air tembakau..

True enough , the moment we step into the thick forest ; one could see how the leeches were dancing to see us.Especially when you stop .. ATTACK !!! Hahahahaha in a way , it was something that brought our mind off from the gruelling track because we were busy looking at our legs. I manage to fend off the big ones but the baby pacats manage to slip into my double layered socks..
According to the original plan we were suppose to shoot straight to Kem Musang which was the nearest camp before we reach the peak. However the guide were very sceptical of us reaching that goal We were keen on reaching the peak within a day but they were more prepared to bring us up there in two days ! Its OGKL man.. memang Impossible is nothing !! Hahahaha.. After negotiations ; we decided to camp halfway in Kem Kopuakan ( we call it KEPUAKAAN.. hahaha ) And Kepuakan is only 800m above sea level.. so to reach above 2500..haa..jawab la sendiri layan trek !!!

9August 2008
Again.. it was as to follow our tradition ; we started walking again at 2am from Kopuakan. According the guide , he expected us to reack Kem Musang in 6 hours but the whole group did it in 3 hours ! Hidup OGKL !!! Hahaha.. the trek was uphill and I was already getting tired. From Kem Musang to the peak ; 6 hours at least.. MAk AAIII... Jauh lagi tu.. hahahahaha
The trek from Kem Musang ; General ; peak had everything. It was mountaineer's haven ; the climb was vertical.. we had the Irau-like mossy forest , climbing on literally roots , and then the rocks.. I truly felt like a cliffhanger !! Memang kewl.. But at the same time.. IT was draining and we had to ration our own drinks to maintain one's hydration.. Memang PEWAAII..

We had to climb again and again while reaching the peak.. Memang ada 7 puncak tipu ! It was a mental game for us ; a real test to see how determine you are. I was fairly exhausted but Alhamdulillah , it was a good feeling reaching the top ! Subhanallah !! Tambuyokon pun sudah sampai laaa !!!!It was good and I'm glad I was on the trip. It was satisfying eventhough ada la badan, kaki sume jadi mangsa..
Thank you OGKL for making my dream a reality..Gua pun hardcore!!! hehehehe
" Apa yang penting..bekerjasamaa...."



Walking above the clouds....
I forgot to mention earlier , besides the pacat marks and blisters ; I did dislocate my shoulder during this trip ! Such morbidity !! Hahahaha Luckily I was able to reduce it ( put it back in place ) and continued the journey home. It could have been worse but the pain was .. tak bule cerita bang !!! I do still have immobilities but Ok la..


Azad said...

This mountain.... though it is the hardest I've ever climbed, somehow somewhere deep in me said that I want to climb it again someday. Just like my feeling towards Gunung Tahan.

mafiz said...

the next time Azad, I will follow u!

Dr.M said...

We should complete the Big 5 and then G12 if possible before we trun 40 !!
Lepas tu kalau nak repeat Tambuyokon bolehlaa.. but yg cool if we could do it with our young ones.. kan ? Big family trip.. hehehe

Azad said...

Fuh, masa tu kita dah otai... hehehe