Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Raving for adrenaline

I guess my running mates and I are getting more "daring" and BELASAH mode. We've registered to join the Genting trailblazer on the 2nd of November !! Seeing the pics and reading other people's blogs ; it will certainly be a challenging yet "dirty" race !! Memang kepala sudah gila aahh... Betul2 mid life crisis huh...
In a way , it is a good motivational factor to train ; especially when October will be Syawal where we will be on the festive eating mode the whole month. Mind you , we've even registered for Klang 12K and Mizuno run. A certainly good run up to our 14K Genting trekking !
I've lost a bit of weight after my latest expedition and in a way quite happy with it ! I'm wearing my old trousers which i could not earlier as well as having to poke a new hole on my belt ! However , I am a bit dissapointed that I've not been able to do evening runs because of the heavy downpour these past few days. I've resorted to decreasing my food consumption which wifey is so surprised to see the discipline !
P/s I've placed the weighing machine in front of the toilet .. A certainly good way to know how much you've lost after the "session" !!! Hahahhaha


Anonymous said...

genting trailblazers!!.. jeles nya!!!!


Azad said...

YEHAAA!!! Lets do it bro. Fyi, I lost some weight too and trying hard to hold the position. Dah 2 minggu tak exercise dah ni sebab terpelecuk hari tu.

Will start training again this saturday with Mafiz.

mafiz said...

Yup..nama pun dah Genting..kita macam 'gamble' sebenarnya! hahaha