Thursday, August 21, 2008

Down and out

I've been sick for the past 3 days. I must have over-exhausted myself ; went over the limit of my physical ability ! I had a really bad viral bout which really floored me but i still manage to do my call on Monday despite the light headedness. Alhamdulillah the call was uneventful otherwise I myself would have collapsed ! I was anhedonic that even blogging was out of the question. I am better today and since I don't have a proper list today so here I am again.. blogging again !!!
I suppose I was still recovering from my TT expedition ; but last weekend i really walloped myself. I was the MC for Mat's ( Dil's brother) wedding in Sheraton and we started rehearsing at 3 pm that Saturday afternoon. The Tengku Temenggong Kedah was the VVIP therefore we needed to ensure that everything was smooth. The event ended at 11pm and of course , dah tidur kat hotel bersama anak dan isteri... hehehehehehe... boleh la pulak lepas tu layan Liverpool's first game till 2am ! mana nak penat..

And the best thing was , I woke up at 530am and prepared myself for the Merdeka 10km run in Datarn Merdeka !! Hahahah.. time ni badan rasa cam kuat lagi.. Azad , Mafiz ,Ruslan and Halim joined the run as well. Kalau lari cam biasa takpe , badan kan rasa cam best sikit afterthe expedition , so i really pushed myself in that 10 .8 km run ! Memang gile... After the run I felt a bit funny and went back straight to the hotel... dah la tengah panas ; kerana nak bagi anak happy I had my dip in the pool... AND THAT WAS IT..

I felt sooooo tired after that.. slept the whole afternoon and by late pm , chills and rigors... still , we had to attend Elly and Edzwan's wedding in Anjung FELDA. My body was telling me to slow down but I cannot miss my own sister's wedding can I ? It had the similar BALI theme as how wew were in BORA ASMARA. Elly wore full traditional JAVA costume and EDZWAN certainly looked like Dukun Dewangga from SUSUK.. hahahaha We went back home , and..hmmm.. memang confirm demam. I was very cold intolerant that i had to sleep outside the room because everybody else was hot !

Itu la.. nak buat cerita.. moral of the story.. when you're above 30.. you'll always be above 30.. the body will not lie to you.. :)


raden wulan putrinomasastrowardoyo said...

eh kenapa you and the other family members didn't wear baju ala2 jawa gitu?

Dr.M said...

Itu the other side punya theme lor.. so family kitaorang maintain biaa je.. bukan majlis kitaorang.. hehehe