Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sad day

It was a sad day for the radiology department yesterday. They lost a first year trainee , who was pleasant and liked by everybody. It was a sad atmosphere in ICU yesterday morning when the last ditch attempt of CPR was done . A big number of her colleagues were around ; especially after i informed my wife earlier after reviewing her as the SMO on call. She was then in the upmost critical stage of her life.
She was young , married with a 2 year old child. She was admitted last Friday for her worsening of symptoms; she wasn't known to have any other illnesses and was just not recovering from her bad URTI.Unfortunately , the sepsis was overwhelming. She fought hard to live but i really dunno which fulminant bug was condemning her to death.She was in severe septic shock , DIVC with all the complications that one can imagine. She was on major supportive care ; but she could not recover at all.It was too overwhelming and her time had come.

My condolonces to the family ; wifey was certainly disturbed and affected by the untimely death.
Getting the SMO ( Senior Medical Officer ) oncall job is certainly a challenge.By right it is not my time yet to do it but the circumstances forced my batch to take the responsibility. The 4th years have a huge shortage and because we have surplus 3rd years , 2 of us will take turns to do the SMO job. the The "upgrade" can be a moral booster but at the same time a different kind of stress when one has to incorporate plans of management in the oncall.
Experience certainly plays a big role while managing and i guess by doing the SMO job one is trained for the future specialist role one will play for his/her lifetime. I reckon its good but it should be guided well so that we don't end up to just BELASAH or do things without proper knowledge.
Yesterday I had to sit in the PAIN clinic because both of the PAIN PROFs were away ; and the it was passed on to me to see the patients. They were not happy to be sent home so SMO lah kena pergi ! Hahahahaha.. Chronic pain clinic is a totally different dimension and i kinda learnt something while talking to the patient. Their NEUROPATHIC PAIN is real as real can be.. and WTF to do lah ? hahahahaha PR job was the main thing to do yesterday and ok lah , the patient went back happy.. :)
I;ve done 3 so far and alhamdulillah the 3 calls were cool ; too cool that i foresee i will be having a torrid and eventful call really really soon !

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DrFrappucino said...

Hmm.. my sincere condolence to her family and the UH family.
Though I didn't know her. But i guess in medical fraternity - a loss is a tragedy befalling all of us