Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dah 4 tahun dah...

Wow... I just realized today that my blog celebrated its 4th birthday 3 days ago !! My first ever posting was on the 27th of August 2004.. Wow.. I've written so much huh ? Never thought that I'd be a constant blogger though it may not be the popular one. However , enough to archive for my future generation. Its a space for venting out !! Internet generation huh ... macam nerd la pulak.. hahahahahah
I guess blogging spurred me to do a lot of things and opened up my mind while reading others. Its a kind of pscho-therapy in a way ; sharing about one's life and trying as much as possible to be transparent. I guess there are bloggers out there who prefer to conceal more than reveal but that is one's personal choice. My blog definitely had lots of emotions documented throughout the 4 years. So many things had happened and so many life event turns that I've crossed.
Here;s for more to come ! And of course.. Happy Birthday Malaysia to all of us.. MERDEKA !!!

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sina said...

amboi pengantin veteran :)