Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fun Run S&C 8km

 This event was held as a prelude to SC Kl Marathon which will be held end of June.I managed to coax the missus to join the run; in fact her first ever event run! I did ask her to take up the 4km challenge but she said that it was too short.. haha Well, she's been on the threadmill for a few months now since joining Celebrity fitness gym in her workplace. I said why not and Yes.. she did it :)
We were off from home after Subuh prayers. It was a bit far ; the trip from Bukit Jelutong to Putrajaya but as it was early in the morning, there was no traffic. We took the Park & Ride option and i am happy to see a big number of runners did this. However, there are still another lot who would try to park if possible next to the starting line.. hahaha
 The run started a bit late as we were waiting for YB KJ the Sports & Youth Minister to flag us off. It was about 720am and we were on our way! The crowd was sporting and cheerful that morning. The 8km route was a scenic one by the lake but by 740am the sun was up! It was really hot and humid! This is the main difference between running in Malaysia and overseas.I was quite surprised with my pace as i did push myself to have a go at this short run.
Wifey managed to finish her run in a respectable time; though her knee was giving that twitch of pain.A good introduction for her to join me in my future event :)

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