Sunday, May 12, 2013

UiTM Grads Dinner 2013 -Rahman Putra Club

I am interrupting my EBC post with this entry.. haha Not that it is urgent but i had to blog this out before I forget! it was my first time attending a formal students function after quite sometime being a staff in UiTM medical faculty.Malam Aspirasi Graduan this year was certainly organized in a bigger manner. Having it at a prestigious Golf Clubhouse is a progress as compared to having it in Selayang Campus compound in previous years. If it was not for the persistence of the organizing committee, I might have not joined them.
 Honestly, I've not been involved too much with student's activities as I would like to. I guess part of it is because of my limited contact with them, since Anaesthesia is not a real core subject for basic MBBS degree. Besides that, almost immediately after my Masters I was off to Perth. I guess since I am back now for good, i should be more "student-friendly" than what my current role is. It would be ironic for me not to be involved with them based on my student-profile and involvement then.. haha
It was nice to see the whole lot of UiTM medical students assembled for a function. Everybody was in their best dress and certainly something for them to enjoy yearly.The theme was pastel and garden which i did not comply at all with my dressing haha My colleagues were wondering if i was making a statement wearing all Black as per current "trend" post PRU13 haha The truth is I was keen to wear my "IP-MAN" attire which i thought suits the current National Reconciliation aspiration!
And.. to my surprise.. I won the best dressed lecturer award for the night! Hahahaha Something i did not expect at all with my non-themed dress up! Thanks guys for choosing me as I am sure, next year I am pressured to wear my best to win this award again.. (KIASU) hahahaha
                                            boyz 2men.. next year we are performing!
                                                         my table members.. Fam Med

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