Friday, May 10, 2013


 We stayed in Namchee for one day. It was for acclimitazation purposes.I did feel a slight headache but i was able to get it off after panadol and a lot of water.Abie was very exhausted when he arrived and My Arcoxia helped him to fix the problem.Saf had to make the biggest joke for this trip when she flooded the toilet floor causing a massive waterfall effect in the lounge lobby! hahaha
                                             Everest view behind us

                                          Geng seluar tinggi

 My appetite was still optimal at this time. I've not taken rice as much as I have been doing so far in the trip! memang habis and indeed i was able to finish off others as well. We were given the choice to trek to Khumjun or stay around in Namchee. I decided to do the latter as I know, in endurance sport its about how long you can go on rather than push it and suffer. Me, Saf, Abie, Amir and Razi stayed in Namchee that day and we enjoyed a short trek to seek the Everest view. Min (our guide) brought us to the wrong place though.. hahaha
This was the killer trek. The profile seeked us to climb up to 3800m above sea level. Challenging the nature should be with knowledge. Its logical that why cant we do it fast? The hypoxia effect is real and the body needs time to adapt itself. It is easy to forget how we have to bow to god's greatness and the challenge did make me realize just that. Slow and steady is the key, good hydration and not overdoing it.
Abie found his step as we were climbing and that brought him a long way during this trip. Saf had a bad day as she was exhausted, and at the same time AMS due to hypoxia bit her a lot. I was walking with Abie and he was good today! The temperature and weather changed after 2 pm, and it was cold to stop thus we had to continue to walk as slow as possible but not stopping too much! At one point, we had a worry as Razi was nowhere to be seen. Min had to be deployed to track back in case Razi had went astray. However, he was in fact too much in front and arrived in Debouche really early!
It was such a relief to arrivei n Pangboche, wehre it was just a fraction away from Debouche. I went into the monastery and it was my first time seeing it live! The Buddhist monks and the setup inside their temple. It was exactly like you wsee it in the movies.!
We arived in Debouche safely as a team and had our dinner there. Majority of the team mebers were exhausted and i guess had mild AMS as well. Most of tehem had no appetite therefore not eating as much as they should. Saf was really suffering and looked really bad. Nitihin had a bit of fever, which symptoms startedthe day before after they returned from Khumjun. We had to nurse Saf and Raj(the guide) was really concerned but optimistic that it would be possible for her to continue. It was in Debouche that i frist prescribed Diamox.. the magic drug. We were crossing our fingers that Saf would be Ok the next day. At the same time, the looming financial crisis struck.. and we had to do a contingency plan.. BRIM cameabout hahaha


EDDYCOOL~ said...

salam. hai Dr. I'm your student newly grad. Always updating ur blog and its cool..

Mafeitz Mamat said...

Haha congrats and all the best in your future undertakings!