Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Laboche-Gorak Shep-EBC

It was cold in Laboche, waking up in the morning to perform Subuh prayers was not easy! It is interesting, how travelling in such extreme conditions is not an excuse to not perform prayers and such.Islam itself is not jumud as the practice of what we do at ground level may not be directly applied.Wudu' with cold icy water is not the answer as it may cause more harm. In fact, things are made easier; the combination of solats, the tayammum; its just whether you would want to do it or not!
The view while trekking was simply amazing as snow does settle in certain parts of the trek. The temperature is definitely cold and when we started off that morning it was 0oC.

 We arrived in Gorak Shep quite late relatively to our initial plan. We were supposed to take our fast lunch there and proceed to Base Camp. The one thing that our guide feared was the time we would get back. It was not advisable to return when it is dark as the temperature drop will be very significant. Breing exhausted and at 5000m above sea level is a lethal combination.
The trek to Everest Base Camp was really nice; the mental game that is being played can be very stressful. You could immediately see at far your destination at the first turn. Unfortunately, it would take one at least 3 hours to get there. Being tired as well as hypoxic doesn't really help. It is with great caution and care that one plans one journey. Ayob did not look well at all when we started off in Laboche but if you are in Gorak Shep, it is just too near to call it quits!

 Alhamdulillah..at 330pm, I arrived in EBC! I was the first to arrive and Rathi came soon after and we were elated to be there! It was such a great feeling having to leave your footprints at 5300m above sea level. Wooo... Subhanallah.. Masya Allah.. as the view was simply breathtaking. It was not possible to see Everest though as there were other peaks in sight, but the whole view area was just undescribable (is there such a word?) We waited for the whole team to arrive, which was much later when the last person arrived at 5pm. Me & Rathi had a walkabout in Base Camp. It was empty as the peak climbing season was just starting. Team Malaysia was due to arrive the next day. We took pictures at the famous Pooja Stoppa. Wow.. who knows one day i will be back here again to peak the summit? :)

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