Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MUDS Duathlon UPNM 2013

When i accidentally found out that MUDS was just around the corner, I quickly registered. I would have loved to take part in all 3 but I had engagements on the other dates. I would have been keen to join MUDS in Um but unfortunately it was not possible to do so. Therefore, I was only able to take part in UPNM. Its not too bad.. 3km run-13.8km bike -3km run again. I did not fully train but my occasional weekly run around BJ does help.
I came early and i was really early. The organizers were just setting up and not that many participants were around. I did not attend the briefing on the previous day as it was too impossible to travel to and fro in the Sungai Besi direction on a Friday evening! After collecting my bib, I was getting myself ready. I was expecting to see familiar faces but to my avail, i could not recognize anybody. I guess the event was mainly for university students and having left Malaysia for almost 2 years I don't know anybody! Lone ranger today! hahaha

The race started at 9am and the heat was on. The weather has not been kind for the past few days and we could feel the heat even when the clouds were covering the sun. Having to see a lot of athletes with MAS tag on was certainly intimidating hahaha Takkan nak race dengan Malaysian National athelete kot! Haha it was not funny. But i guess, its interesting to see how far you are from them when the race finishes.
My initial run was not too bad. But i kept my pace and not to try huf and puff to finish it. However, i could have gone faster but then again, no point being exhausted in the end. The transition was not too bad as My legs did not feel wobly or unstable, however there was an initial concern that something was wrong with my rear wheel. Apparently because of how we places the rear tyre, it had hid my brakes and it was prohibiting my wheel to turn smoothly. I did panic a bit but kept my calm and repaired it. Alhamdulillah.. off i went with Mizz Pina!

 It was really hot as when the cycle leg finished I was really thirsty. I had taken a lot of gulps as well and with a bit of Energy gel, it boosted my energy to do the final leg. I did feel tired but it was not too bad as when i slowed down my pace I was able to speed up a bit later!
Just browsed through the website, and my time was not too bad . 1:05:56. I am placed 22nd in the men's Open category.. not too bad though.. Haha Of course, when compared to the young univ students my time is just average but I am glad I am still able to do this.:)

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