Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Lukla-PakDhing-Namchee Bazaar

The whole team regrouped in Lukla by that evening. The initial plan was upon arrival, we were to start trekking to PakDhing and spend the night there. As the usual laws of trekking forbidding us from walking when dawn approaches, we were to on ly start the next morning. But in keeping to the schedule; we were to trek for at least 10 hours to reach Namchee Bazaar!
Having reach 2800m, we were to ascent up to 3200m. The trek profile was not promising as there were up climbing treks and i did not know how the group will react to it. Everybody looked fit and i guess doing an OT "overtime" the usual OGKL style lives even without Deeno! haha
                                                new vandalism

                                          Sherpa guides City, Babu and I forgot his name.. haha
                                          the entrance to trek
The next morning, everybody was excited. Everybody woke up early! The 2 hours difference was another factor i guess. By 5 am everybody was set to go! It was cold though at night but the blankets were enough to repel me from shivering. I was lazy to open up my sleeping bag hahaha We were initially scheduled to have breakfast at 7am! Semangat tak semangat tu... hahaha
Lukla to Pakdhing was more descending, to 2600m and the trek was along the hillsides ; through the typical Sherpa villages. It was not too difficult and i guess the reason why Raj reckon it was not too taxing to do this. We were to rest for acclimitazation in Namchee for a day anyway. As we started, the view was already magnificient. I could not imagine how beautiful it would be as we ascend higher.There were a number of bridges and the team was totally excited taking panorama pics. Then the second bridge came.. and then the third.. dah malas dah.. haha

 Arriving in PakDhing was a relief after 2 hours of trekking. I was in front at this point but i was trailing the wrong guide! hahaha PakDhing was really nice and it was a shame that we could not stay here for a night. It was serene and its valley positioning was just perfect. We had our lunch there and i must say their fried rice was superly much better than the one we had in Lukla! haha the chilli was as tasty.. few of the team members were starting to feel a bit off and being hungry, i was being the old mentekedarah again.. hahah

2 hours trek from PakDhing, we arrived at the Sagarmatha National Park entrance.. and Yes.. the difficult part had just started. The weather made a sudden change from being warm to a bit chilly as the sun was blocked by the clouds. Some of the team members wer starting to feel ill.. a common mild AMS sign. I was very cautious to hydrate myself that i was literally peeing while trekking countless of time! 
It was all down for a bit (one hour) and then Up up and away for the next 2-4 hours! Perrgghh... crossing the bridge was the start of the suffering and it was all uphill till the Bazaar.

I reached Namchee at about 5pm and Rathi was with me. As we were not sure where we were suppose to report, both of us hanged out at a coffee joint there; surfing the wifi which was available. Luckily we met the guide i followed earlier, and he showed us to the lodge that we were supposed to be at.. My.. what a tiring day.

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