Thursday, May 16, 2013

SHOES (Shadow Housemanship Oncall Simulation) 2013

This year is the 3rd year SHOES is running. A programme where intially was KIV for that year has become an important essence in the whole Shadow Housemanship programme. Despite having my own opinion of how it should really be run, I am in tandem with the Dean's concept. I do hope that I can improve more for  years to come.
When we started this in 2011, it was just revolving on the idea of Simulation, what we have read and what we thought would be good for students as how we've wanted it when we were at their stage.Having been the Simulation Fellow in Perth had made me wiser and i truly understand how it should work.Being in an organized system taught me a lot and definitely it is time for me now to contribute.

  I do feel that for the current medical students, this is another the way to teach them. Even during housemanship, a dedicated team should run dry simulations for the house officers, not just before but during their training as well. It is a known fact that the hands on training they are getting nowadays is appauling. Can't really blame them though as all the developed countries do havethe same problem. The only difference would be how they realize and cope with it. We are still way behind as the beings in power still do not understand whats going on on the ground; plainly critisizing rather than trying to do something good or different for their younger ones.

The urge to improve oneself is never easy to be instilled. I am not expecting everybody who underwent the short session to learn and understand everything that i explained. The learning process is lifelong and the hope is one day, during that one moment in time during the terror they are facing; they will look back and reflect at what my team was trying to do. Perhaps to inspire them to always be proud of where they come from; be real in the real world as they have always been protected in one way or another. Survival of the fittest.. that would be the theme of the day.
I must thank Julina for her iron-lady ever hardwork and the rest of the team: Fahmi,Adlin, Nadia, Rusnaini, Izzat & Halim for being there to run the show. Of course to the dedicated CSL team, Irwan & Kamal as well as the superb AudioVisual team who made the set up in my mind to reality.
It was fun for everybody i thought, though in the comedy of errors moment i do hope that the young doctors realize the seriousness in it. I am myself learning, and truly to the words of wisdom, I do learn a lot from them as well in this stint.


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