Monday, September 01, 2008

1 Ramadhan 1429

In view of the current government's recommendation of "BIJAK BERBELANJA" , i present you my iftar for the first day of ramadhan this year !! Hahahahahha
Just felt like having simple plain sardine and fried egg with kicap for iftar.. Mmm... home cooked food is irresistable eventhough it is not fancy or plentiful.. Anyway , lama dapur tak berasap..


dewi palsu said...

oh woweeee. aren't you going to invite me over for iftar?

Azad said...

The food sounds blissful. :)

Tapi ada itu sindir pedas jugak pasal dapur lama tak berasap. hehehe...

Stupe said...

if u ask me, those food are good enough. :) nothing fancy! Tak macam some menteri with 32 dishes for sahur or buka..isn't it?

Anonymous said...

It is easy to take others for granted.
Oblivious to what they have done.
And easy to highlight what's apparent,
And make matter a small laughing deal...
Sacrifices and journey and life, a mere expectant role,
What's needed in the heart
is left unheard .