Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tengok tu Qaisya... Walid mid life crisis..

I was looking for my baju melayu suit to wear to work as usual on Fridays when suddenly..hmmm.. lets try out my wedding baju melayus . Surprisingly it fitted well!!! I showed it to wifey and was bragging about how i am now able to fit into the trousers comfortably and baju melayu without looking super fat ; which i never manage since the wedding day !! Hahahaha... My waistline actually shrinked !!!
Of course , wifey with her "menyampah" face uttered...
" Tengok tu Qaisya , Walid mid life crisis !! " and as if my 1.5 year old child can understand ! Hahahahaha Dzaeddran as usual is fast asleep and untouchable !
A certainly good motivation for me to be mindful of my food intake during iftar.. hahaha

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suw said...

owh..takper kalo pasal fitness..lg bagus sbb menjaga kesihatan
jgn midlife "..........." heheh ;p