Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mencari Lailatul Qadar

Running up Genting twice in one week is certainly something "crazy" I did this year. Last week was a killer , and this week I invited Azad and Mafiz to join me. To lure them to this temptation , I suggested that we go up half way - 9km from Gohtong Jaya to the top. My left ankle is still nagging me and because i want it to recover well before my Genting trail blazer ; I decided not to stress it too much.
However due to unforeseen circumstances , both of them had to skip the event at the very last minute leaving me alone to decide; to go or not to go. At that time if i wanted to "belasah" the 21k , I was late ! So .. thinking on achieving my target to get my weight down to BMI 25 by raya ; I said... GO LAH !!

like one of those weird ghost pictures.. check me out at the back !!

I was waiting in front of Seri Malaysia Hotel when i saw the first group of people running straight up without stopping at the mamak. Hmmm.. i thought.. might as well I start now rather than wait for everyone to come ; I am not that fast anyway ; people will surely catch up ! Therefore , with my bladder bag i proceeded with my short 9km run up to Genting. It was alright and of course , just starting I was full of energy and power. However at the 5 km point , my left ankle started to wiggle ; signalling it is in distress despite my Celebrex earlier. I slowed down and only ran when necessary ; because it was DAMN COLD !!!
Of course , the hardcore fit runners went pass me easily despite them having to run 12 k earlier ..hahaha..itupun dah semput... hahahaha.. tu la.. baru "soft porn" stage , belum graduate to hardcore lagi.. hahahahaha It was a nice feeling reaching the top again but this time my fingers were freezing cold. We were received by Genting PR fellas and the hot coffee was certainly nice !
I did not stay long though and looked for a lift down because my original transport plan did not materialize !! Thanx Adzim and Stupe for the ride down to Gohtong Jaya !! All in all , it was a good experience and mind you.. I don't mind being a part of it again next year..

P/s I was worried for a while when Stupe suggested that I start from Genting Sempah to get back to my car in Gohtong Jaya !! hahahaha...

Genting 3 Group pic..

the people behing great group pics :)


Azad said...

Tahniah, Telal. Will definitely join next year. The timing was just not right last Friday for this with the traffic jam on the highways. Next year, will opt ot go on the earlier Friday runs.

Stupe said...

we can always do this post ramadhan what...tak perlu restrict only to ramadhan...kan?

Dr.M said...

azad : cool event.. a different challenge .

Stupe : post ramadhan bule buat..but the challenge is different. Kalau ikut OP nyer tradition cool.. :)

dochisyam said...

Bro, well done. You graduated from the tail enders to the front runners. I didn't even see you that night. Took it slow with Lu Vi at the back.
Well done