Friday, September 26, 2008

Kurang kerja

Yes.. I'm running up to Genting again Friday nite.. maybe not the full distance but once you've felt the "high" , I guess thats it ! I'll definitely blog about the last run before Syawal ! I dunno where i did manage to push the limited energy left post iftar for this run.. hahahaha

Today is my last day of SMO call ; wow.. a certainly tough and demanding job. I will not be doing this call till next year ; when it is compulsory for me to do it ! Fuuuhh... And now , I am still awake at 230am in the morning because the supposed to be appendix case became a laparotomy. SHe seems stable but so far she's lost 1 L of blood . Hmmm....
Its heartbreaking to see parents coming for their children who are in distress. Everytime they are in trouble eg involved in an accident and requiring emergency operations , the parents will be contacted and the next of kin in giving consent for the anaesthesia and surgery. Most of the time , it comes as a shock becuase they do not know what their children did ; and when the news arrive ; they are in severe distress.
I get goosebumps everytime meeting them and explaining about what we were to anaesthetized for major operations. Most of the time you can see it in their eyes , the shock and at the same time hope. Certain injuries , i know have detrimental and bleak outcomes and that makes it hard to look into their eyes. I cannot imagine if one day I am in their position ; having to give consent and having the possibility that your fragile child has the possibility of mortality before you.


Stupe said...

bro, well done on the run.

i skip the last part of the posting in your blog pasal u are gonna talk about kids...and parents...i tak nak tau la...takut.

Dr.M said...

I know.. i know... goosebumps all over everytime..