Monday, September 22, 2008

Things i learnt yesterday..

1.SMO JOB IS NOT EASY... Maybe i am not ready yet and i guess that is why only final year trainees do this job. One needs a lot of previous experience to make decisions. I am still "mentah".Its not easy being anaesthetist and a Clinical Specialist at the same time.

2.CONSULTANT ANAESTHETIST DO READ YOUR BLOG... so have to be careful of my "hot" pics postings ; must adhere to blogging ethics.had a friendly advice.. hek..hek..

3.FOLOW THE LEADER... Yesterday , i saw how a Consultant of mine charted his GA form.We rarely had chance to be in OT with him and the experience was one in a million!! Wow.. it was complete and no wonder people talk about it. Good examples should be followed.

4.KNOW YOUR PATIENT WELL, EVENTHOUGH YOU FEEL GROGGY IN THE MORNING.... before speaking to the consultant. Despite the pressure from the nurses for you to settle a task , be mindful and don't just follow BLINDLY. I embarrassed myself by talking about a different patient to him and only realized it after i put down the phone !!

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dochisyam said...

Yes bro. Good lessons. Aku pun banyak tulis pasal anaesthetist in my blog. Dont know why?
See you this friday!
Last round before raya