Sunday, September 28, 2008

The holy ramadhan..

Syawal this year would be a bit different as my youngest sister is away to pursue her dreams in UK. She was always there yo accompany my parents and the scenario has changed now. I salute my dear sister for her efforts ; obtaining dean's list in her diploma and that was her ticket to UK. She's a fighter and very determined. She is very hardworking and I believe that she will succeed in her life .. Insya Allah..
It was only today that I managed to bring the family for raya shopping. We went to One Utama and I was glad that the crowd was not full packed as expected. I reckon most families had gone back to their hometown . Only a handful , the throughbred locals qho are still around . I did met a few of them and we exchanged raya greetings.
Me and wifey had been busy doing calls and our postings that for the last three weekends we rarely saw each other. I went to Shah Alam alone during one of my post calls days for my kids' raya clothings. It was more practical that way and I don't like to wait till the very last minute. Today was a breather , me and the small nuclear family enjoying ourselves. ( well..stress jugak bila budak2 nangis because penat !! aHAHAHAHa )

santai.. watching the show..

One Utama's decoration is marvelous

First bunga api experience for Qaisya..

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drzeze said...

salam akhir Ramadhan,
Selamat menyambut Aidulfitri sekeluarga ..hati hati dijalanraya..