Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hanya Orang gila yg buat kerja gila.. Ramadhan Genting 21K

I was reading through Stupe's and DocHisyam's blog ; and saw their story and pictures about this crazy yearly Ramadhan thingy they do every year. It was the run up to Genting Highlands and the starting point is from Genting Sempah. Hmmm... certainly tempting and challenging ! I never thought I would join this group of totally adrenaline junkie group of people until yesterday... Gila tu 21K from ground zero at 1800 ft to 5800 ft !

Courtesy of Stupe : pinjam blog ek bang profile ni... thanx !!

It was DocHisyam who extended the invitation in my last blog posting.He told me Doc Amir was going to be there too Hahaha.. he was the only one that i would know before joining the run last night. Pandai dia racun.. I was lured and succumbed to the ultimate self torture ! I went there as a lone ranger , mana kenal sapa2 ! HAntam sajalah !! hahahaha
We assembled at Genting Sempah McDonalds by 930 pm. Seriously ! sorang pun tak kenal and they don't know who in the hell is this guy either ! I guess, its the common interest that brings us together. Doc Hisyam and Amir would be starting from the halfway point ; Gohtong Jaya where Doc Hisyam will be riding his mountain bike up and down.
At about 1015pm we started the run up. Obviously , they were the elites ; all with traithlon , ironman etc experience ! Hardcore stuff man ! I met few good friends and end up with Louie to the top ! I was OK with the run for the first 9 km , only walking on few really inclining road. Tapi..memang mcm nak pecah dada ! Definitely first class stamina training. Up up and away all the way ! I brought my backpack High Sierra bladder with me and it was a wise move. It was dark and we had to wear our headlamps and redlight so that the fast moving cars would be alerted by our presence. I never knew , SO MANY people drive up to Genting on Friday night...

I had a bad fall in KM 7 . It was dark and the road was uneven. I twisted my left ankle and fell hard ! It must have been like nangka busuk coz Elicia and Luvis who was quite a distance away ran back to see whether i was ok !! Hahahahaha I was glad that my left ankle was not that bad ; but i guessed it was adrenaline that made the pain bearable. I was still able to run till the first regrouping point in Gohtong Jaya.

By the time we arrived there at 1130pm , the first grouphas gone ! Fuiyyoo.. itu memang tera punya gang !! Then it was the next 9 km uphill track. Mak aiiii !! It was hell and the ankle was hurting so much ! I was not able to maintain my run and ended up walking / trekking up to Genting ! Memang tak boleh GO ... hahahaha.. It was steep and easy for one to just say , Ok I've had enough.. but i knew I had to finish the run. Orang gunung maahh ! I was walking with Luvis and he made the mistake of not bringing any water with him which resulted him being dehydrated and tired ! Glimpse of my Tambuyokon climb came into the picture .. hehehe.. And i shared my water with him. It was good in a way to have a partner for motivational factor and I had a great company. The kurmas i brought was an excellent substitute for power gel.
It was cold... circa 15oC and we were wearing only our running gear. I had to limit Luvis' stops because the wind was blowing hard and I was freezing ! And there it went... 1km... 0.9...0.8... Move ! Move ! Move !

It was certainly a nice feeling reaching the top. We were at the usual end meeting point : Genting Starbucks .Everybody was very encouraging and I did it ! It was a lousy 4 hours ; non-comparable with the guys who did 2 hours to reach the top.. Memang hebat !! Thank you for the opportunity and I certainly enjoyed that rush of adrenaline up from midnight to mid morning.... :)


mafiz said...

Cayalaah! Genting Night Run! Macam F1 Night Race! hahaha

U turun macam mana?

Anonymous said...

Well done bro. Im glad you made it. Risau jugak aku mas aaku turun ambil kereta you and partner tak sampai lagi. As i said, you dont have to know people, you will know them along the way!
keep it up


Azad said...

Fuyooo! Memang kerja gile. Bile boleh join?

Dr.M said...

mafiz : turun tumpang kereta orang.. dia orang ada supporting car ikut..

doc : thanx doc.. nanti i'll follow lagi next year..

azad : dah pergi recce ni , next year kita ramai2 buat kerja gile.. hahaha

Stupe said...

ko pun terjebak bro!? :)

This friday is last kopek ramahdan run. I won't miss it. Last week was family day no choice but to skip it.


OP Kam said...

Well done bro! Come join us again this Friday nite.

sherene said...

congrats dr. m!