Monday, November 10, 2014

Ada berani? sensory motor test post spinal..

I was looking through some literature about intrathecal spread when i came across this:

Bier's 1899 description of spinal anaesthesia documented the many tests that he used to determine the spread, including

a)sensual perception of needle pricks to the thigh, 
b)tickling of the soles of the feet, 
c) a small incision in the thigh, 
d) pushing a large helved needle down to the femur, 
e)strong pinching with dental forceps, 
f)application of a burning cigar,
g) pulling out pubic hairs, 
h)a strong blow with an iron hammer against the tibia, 
i)vigorous blows with the knuckles against the tibia, 
j) and strong pressure on a testicle” (1)

1 Bier A. Versuche uber Kokainiserung des Ruchenmarkes. Dtsche Z Chir 1899;51361–9

Hahaha... i can imagine him trying to do all that in ensuring that the block works. option f with a burning cigar is certainly something i would not like to resort to in proving my point!! hahahaha 

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