Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Piala Dr Adli Azam 2014

Adli leaves his legacy by sponsoring 2 trophies.. for football and badminton. This was the first ever named challenged cup for the students. He is the Pengetua therefore it would be timely to have his trophy up for grabs. As how it was last year, of course we as the lecturers would not miss out to join the tournament. Unfortunately only one team is available comparedt o last year. Being sporting, i would reckon our involvement would make the students appreciate more of us. 
 Obviously we knew we would not win the cup and it is the participation that counts.. haha mana ada.. kecewa woo tak lepas first round pun! Playing regular futsal on Thursdays have not brought us anywhere.. hahaha Whats the point when suddenly i have to play keeper for this tourney? Well, its fun anyway. 

 It is a good outing among friends and we enjoy doing this together. This is our ukhwah as teachers. We do try to maintain social relationship on top of our professional relationship.

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