Friday, November 14, 2014

AFF 2014 is here.. will Malaysia do well? gulp...

Again, we were in stadium. This time, it was a friendly game between Malaysia and Syria. This was supposed to be one of the last few to identify the squad for AFF Cup. We were excited and i guess a number of Malaysians were. The crowd was not too bad for a weekday game, i would estimate it to be nore than 10 000. There was no significance in this game, just a weekday friendly but the fans were there to brave the ront despite the earlier rain.
 With Dollah Salleh as the new head coach, expectations were there. He is the current most successful coach in the local team, being able to bring up average teams to win honours in the Malaysian league. He was himself and exceptional player. Rajagopal has been too long with the national team and that is why he left in a rush. Rajagopal brought up the standard of national team therefore recovering the lost support from the mass Malaysia team fans. It is very unfortunate that towards the end of his contract people were against him. I thought it was unfair but then again in football, define fair? haha 
 All of us were dissapointed with the performance. We played badly and what made people angry was the attitude of the players. No determination was seen and the performance was rubbish! This was rajagopals team but i seriously don't know what happened. It was as mediocre as the team before Sathianathan and Rajagopals. The typical crap Malaysian team i saw in my earlier days. Ohh.. and seeing how the fans were really patient that it was on the 85th minute when suddenly the fans vented! And for Ultras to sing.. "Dollah Salleh... apa kau dah buat?" really summed up the game. Pure frustration to the core. What happened? what happened to our team? 
It is unfair to blame Dollah for now as this is his second assignment in a very short time. It is not fair to judge him but his magic seems not working at the moment. What the fans want is the fighting spirit and doing their best.. thats all seriously! Nothing less.. a loss will be taken in pride seeing the lions playing their heart out. That is all that we want. 
AFF.. totally crossing my fingers.. 

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