Friday, November 14, 2014

She is brilliant

I must say i am proud of Qaisya for her achievement in her exams. For SRA, She is the best student being the one with the highest mark for all of standard one. In SKBJ, She is first in her class and 4th overall! Hoyeee... I reckon if she was to improve in her arts, she would be no 1 hahaha I guess, she picked that bit from both of us. Art has always been the subject that brought my marks down when i was in SMTTDI.
Well, for Qayyum i am sure he has the potential but being a boy, i don't expect him to excel that much. I am happy with his performance especially with his social skills. I was quite surprise to note that he as the class monitor for both SRA and SKBJ. Well, looking at how he brings himself he is very popular and friendly :) 
Tercapai cita-cita nak pergi tengok anugerah cemerlang anak.. hahaha 

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