Friday, November 14, 2014

Supracondylar fracture episode

Qayyum had an unfortunate call a fortnight ago during his riding class. I was quite worried when wifey called me telling that he fell off the horse. There was no loss of conciousness but apparently his elbow was swollen. And i thought.. man.. hopefully he doesn't need surgical intervention. The x-ray done did not show significant displacement, but there was vague evidence of fracture. After consulting my colleague, he only needed backslab for 2 weeks before review.
 As a boy, once the pain is gone do you reckon he'll keep his backslab? Haha of course not and i had a torrid time reminding him about the backslab everyday. Curi-curi tu taknak pakai.. of course, in the beginning it was a glamour thing for him as when he went to accept his certificate for his duties as a class monitor during assembly, the was a momentary gasp. (according to him lah) 
Yesterday, we had his repeat x-ray and after reviewing it with Ikram, Alhamdulillah it looked well to heal and all he needs now is physio to settle his stiffness.
Well, i guess a common boy thingy when they grow up. I did not have this, am i a normal boy then? hahahaha 

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